Day 3: August 10, 2010, Tuesday

Narkanda to Sarahan
The day started pretty early at around 7:30 when we decided to head to Hatu peak (3136m). The climb up was quite trecherous, narrow and steep. Thankfully, we did not meet any incoming traffic because there wasn't room for even two motorcycles to be side by side on these roads. The occasional cos would give a brief scare. Bijoor san's bike started to pant and could not make it to the top- the issue was possibly of a incorrect mix of air and fuel. It was disappointing after we finally reached the top because there was such heavy fog, we could barely see the temple that was 10 metres away from us! 

Hatu Temple hidden in the fog
Ninja mastaah!
As we rode back down, KJo got to finally take pictures of what he though was a wild white horse. And Dev went ballistic clicking pictures of the kids and the family of Gujjars (cow herders). Despite their humble state, they offered all of us hot tea- made with freshly milked buffalo milk!

Photography central
Beni takes pics of exotic buffaloes- perhaps for his S'porean friends?
No one gets left out
Kjo gets his White horse
Kids have their own car
After we got back to the hotel, we had our choice of breakfasts and packed our stuff on our bikes. A brief photo session later, we head out towards Sarahan- after a brief pit stop for  fuel. The roads were pretty good and we finally met up with the Sutlej and stayed with it all day long as we slowly started descending down the mountains. There were many twisties but we also encountered sudden bad patches in the roads. 


At one point, after taking a breather from staying in front with me, Beni and Kjo, Suku managed to lose his glove to the wind which took it to down the ledge. Suku had to trek all the way down to go and fetch it. In the process, he had exerted breath and limb to their maximum microscopic capacity!This was followed soon by a stop just around the corner where there was a little now-defunct lookout point where there was a mini photo session before we moved on.

A good trek later...

The enfields and Suku, worried about some noise in his bike, went to get some check up done just before Rampur while I and Beni went on to Rampur to take out money from the ATM. The rest joined us soon and after a bit of confusion, we located a decent looking place called "The Chef" or something like that. The food wasnt that great and the prices astronomical-the view was good though and it did seem like a new and clean place to be at. After lunch, we were ready for the last stretch.

At a particular spot near a waterfall where we had stopped for photos, we could sniff rain. And ocne we got on our bikes, it started to come down on us, slowly and steadily increasing its pace. I, Beni and Bijoor san managed to cut away from the rest as we had finished with our photo session earlier and were more or less water-proofed. The rain was slowly getting blinding and we had a steep climb before we approached a bridge that took us towards Sarahan. That's where we lost Bijoor san, whose bike refused to climb up by itself. He did call Beni and we went back to assist him- however, by the time we got there, the others had arrived and managed to push Bijoor san's bike up. Thereafter, all of us stuck close and found the Circuit house where the rooms were cheap at 550.

Just before the rain came calling
The boots saw water seep into them from the pants which were facing leak problems through the fly zipper+velcro facility! Drying up everything and looking for a heater, the Pegus got a heater at the very last moment before we went to sleep- and the heater could burn anything put on top of it! Beni and Suku went to fetch dinner for everyone- but not before they had some drinks and came back to have some more- I was petrified for my bike, which they had borrowed. Meanwhile, I had cleaned up, showered, checked and sent email and even paid a part of my credit card bill with Bijoor san's life-saver Reliance internet- yes, we were on the road but still on the interwebs! Dinner was delish with butter chicken and pulao and rotis and paneer.

Rain seemed like it was going to thwart our progress tomorrow as it did not let up till we went to bed. It was going to be one touch morning.

Total distance covered= 86 kms approx.
Total cost= Rs. 1210
[Fuel= 600 + Lunch=  200 +  Stay & Dinner= 230+180]

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